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Survey Results-What Are the Best Car Subwoofers?

Ever since I can recall, I've been associated with car audio to one degree or another. Even though the automobile companies have significantly improved upon their stock sound systems nowadays, they still can't reach the quality offered by after market car video and audio products. From my practical experience, one particular topic which is almost always talked about is "which are the Best Car Subwoofers" available. Truthfully speaking, it is clear the response is purely subjective and driven by a person's association with a particular car speaker make. A sub woofer is actually a bigger speaker created just to reproduce those deep bass frequencies which often add a lot to the richness and pleasure of almost any type of music.

In the real world it is quite strange if some salesman actually endorsed anything different then a model he personally sells as being the best brand subwoofer. Although salesmen could are exposed to a variety of famous brands, their own motive for recommending any given car speaker needs to be suspect because his selling that specific subwoofer make is his basis of personal income. This is why it really is refreshing to report the findings of an unofficial customer survey based on years of replies and suggestions from real buyers of different brand names of car audio subwoofers. This appears like the best means of judging performance of any speaker in real life setting. I've heard many times of the buyer who adored a certain subwoofer while in the show room and then hated the sound when it had been installed in his car or truck.

The customer survey has shown that the MTX subwoofer is among the most well liked car audio subwoofers available on the market. These subwoofers are favorites among the really serious car audio enthusiasts as well as those new to the hobby of car audio.

Additional sub woofers that remain on the favorites list are the Kicker subwoofer, Rockford Fosgate subwoofer, JL Audio and the Polk subwoofer. All of these enjoy great records in sound competitions as well as being very musical subs.

To be judged among the "Best Car Audio Subwoofers", the subs taken into account need to be capable of producing good sound quality when played at all power levels. Many times certain makes of car audio subwoofers will often lose decent sound quality if played at increased levels. This of course would disqualify them from being evaluated among the best car subwoofers.

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