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New Bike Frames Improve Overall Performance

Together with the rise in cycling popularity these days comes a whole new wave of truly serious bicycling hobbyists who're searching for the best bike frames out there. The bike frame is the central part of the bike and there are several designs and materials to pick from these days. Each and every material has a definite attribute which can be of importance dependant on the type of riding you frequently do.

To start off, lets discuss the different compounds which you'll find regularly employed in the manufacturing of bike frames and how these materials affect the actual properties of the bicycle.  700C Wheels

Probably the most commonplace material used in bike frames is steel. This sort of frame has been around since the very first days of cycling. Steel bike frames may be more heavy then the ones crafted from other compounds nevertheless they still present you with a significant amount of overall flexibility and still have a good amount of potential to deal with rust. The only real upkeep needed for a steel frame is to be absolutely sure the frame is painted well seeing that corrosion is its only enemy.  road bike tires

Aluminum Alloy bike frames: to deal with the rusting issue of steel, bike frames were started to be made out of Aluminum but it really does not last for an extended time so other materials were combined with it to create a stronger bike frame. These would be identified as aluminum alloy bike frames. They are really immune to oxidation and rusting. They happen to be lighter plus more rigid as compared to steel for that reason racing bikes usually prefer having aluminum alloy bike frames.

Adopted because of the use in the aero space sector, titanium bike frames have entered this marketplace. It seems that titanium is a lot lighter in weight when compared with steel and yet a little heavier then aluminum and as with the aluminum alloy frame; it doesn't include the concern presented by corroding.

Last but not least we have the latest entry to the current market, the carbon fiber bike frames. Carbon fiber is intriguing because its a by-product of crude oil so availability isn't a problem and it is usually rather inexpensive. Really the only negative is manufacturing carbon fiber bike frames is rather labor intensive so production numbers are quite low. But like titanium, the frames never experience rust like steel and it also tends to be very rigid and that is a plus. The negative is that the substance has a tendency to suffer from fatigue so that it doesn't tend to be a long lasting bike frame despite the fact that developers are attempting to overcome this problem.

With all points considered, it would appear that steel is still the the most widely used material used overall in bike frames but aluminum alloy is a frame of choice for virtually all road bikes and more modern comfort or hybrid bicycles.

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