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Marine GPS and Fish Finders

Having grown up around shore areas, I have fond memories of just spending long summer days on the Barnegat Bay fishing or sailing with friends. I also have memories of coming home late and needing to explain I had lost track of distance over the water and gone too far south. Someone who grew up around the water may understand the challenge of getting my dad and mom to believe me though it occurred repeatedly.

Needless to say, there is no room for this type of poor excuse nowadays with the available Garmin Marine GPS products that happen to be on the market. While we were certainly not out of sight of land in the bay, you nevertheless could lose track of the length of time you may have drifted when doing some fishing. This problem of distance is magnified if you had to sail back against the wind. With the new Garmin Marine GPS units it is possible to determine your exact location within just a few seconds.

Besides the Gamin Marine GPS, another great marine electronics unit which I would love to have had when younger was a good fish finder. Although we were pretty good knowing where the fish would hide, our skills simply couldn't match up against the newest fish finders in the marketplace.

A buddy recently exposed me to the convenience of using an electronic fish finder. He preferred the Hummingbird fish finder models available in a number of different designs and styles. They range from somewhat low-priced fundamental fish finders to more leading-edge chart plotters. I remember testing similar units many years ago when they were first introduced to the market place and they were pricey and sometimes very hard to read. That's not true considering the modern electronics.

Another fascinating model is the Lowrance fish finder. Of course anyone who has ever been around the water knows the Lowrance brand. You'll find the name dressing many a radar mast on the high-priced yachts in the marina. But the Lowrance fish finder isn't just reasonably priced but very sensible. Just like some other makes, they feature numerous types of products and you really are just restricted by your budget and fishing requirements.

If you have been away from the water for any length of time as I had been, you actually ought to take the time to look at the big variety of marine electronics that not only will increase your boating pleasure but also will certainly contribute to your basic safety on the water.

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