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Truck bed covers for Pickups Improve your Trucks Value

In spite of the problems that the major auto makers have experienced in the past couple of years, it appears that pickup trucks are extremely popular. In reality it is not surprising because they are so multipurpose and can function as a 2nd vehicle for virtually any family.

Certainly the advantage of getting a pickup truck will be capacity for carrying anything you and your family might need. In general the crew cab models, from compact to full size truck versions provide the smallest size truck bed. Most standard cab and extended cab trucks offer a long and short bed version. The eight ft . bed or long bed is generally related to typical work pickup trucks. You'll typically find a large number of standard cab and extended cab pickups will offer the smaller truck bed in their sport truck applications. The short bed is normally 6 to six and a half feet long which still lets the owner to transport almost any load common to home ownership or work.

While the majority of us love the idea of having all that space readily available, most think twice at leaving anything valuable being placed in an open cargo area. No person in their right mind will leave their new HD TV in an open truck bed if they go into the neighborhood dinner for lunch. The good thing is technology has come a good way since the days of having to cover your personal stuff with an old tarp to help keep them from prying eyes.

If you're an owner of a new pickup truck you'll have a few options for safeguarding your important cargo. You will find kinds of tonneau coversf or pickups available today. The lowest priced and most easily removed is the soft cover. These covers commonly affix to the truck side rails with snaps or Velcro attachments of some kind. All of these naturally are the least secure also but serve their main purpose of keeping your valuables out of view and keeping it from the weather.

An additional step up is a solid or hard bed cover. These may be of a fold-up system or typically the most popular solid fiberglass tonneau cover that raises very much like a car trunk lid. The advantage of the fiberglass type is it offers more protection since they ordinarily have a lock mechanism which works with the tail gate lock to secure your load. The negative side is this kind of tonneau cover controls your load height to the level of the pickup side rails.

Although traditional truck owners love the lines of their open truck, the more multipurpose fiberglass pickup truck tonneau covers offer optimum security while increasing the load height capacity for any pickup. Current fiberglass truck toppers can be found in custom colors and styles which make a pickup resemble a high-end SUV or with higher roofs to enable transporting taller objects in the bed. Through the years, these became favorites of contractors and any businesses who frequently carry tools and supplies to the work site. Regardless, tonneau covers for pickup trucks increase the daily use of your chosen ride.

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