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Who Needs a Bazooka Tube Subwoofer?

Virtually all car owners are well mindful that OEM car audio systems basically do not provide enough bass audio to provide that rich sound related to home audio systems. It is irrelevant the amount of speakers the automobile has, when it doesn't have a separate bass speaker or subwoofer, it really will never make the grade. Many shoppers are familiar with the popular name component subs available but may never have thought-about something called a subwoofer. While a large number of car owners would love to incorperate a bass subwoofer to their audio system, they lack knowledge, available room or what they assume is a great deal of money. Mamy are not aware of the alternative to popular component subs designed by a manufacturer named Bazooka.

The lack of complete information leads most to think they must get a big component subwoofer, a special amplifier and also a huge bass speaker box to obtain good sounding bass. This couldn't be further away from the reality. Component subs do have a couple of issues associated with them. The purchaser has to go to a custom audio store and pay high costs to have the qualified personnel match up an expensive subwoofer with a specific subwoofer box and after that match it to the correct power amplifier. After paying top dollar for the gear, the customer then normally has to pay for installing and integration into the car or truck's audio system. Of course for anyone who is up to it, it is possible to go into the arena of "omhs" and "volts" and take on the challenge of not shorting your car or truck's electrical system when you set up the subwoofer yourself. It may all appear a bit of a problem if you're brand new to mobile entertainment and 12-volt electrical power systems.

The reality of the matter is that almost everything to buy subs, amps and subwoofer boxes can all be located on the internet if you're prepared to do the research. But good judgment dictates if you are not familiar with 12-volt systems you might want to purchase installing.

Additionally, a challenge which faces quite a few small car owners is precisely where to place a component subwoofer. Subs have to have an enclosure that drastically boosts the area which has to be put aside for that installation. Add to this, the point that you'll have an amplifier and you can recognize the problem. In most cases this simple fact by itself can make many forget the thought of adding a sub.

Finally, the cost is the one other cause many will never ever buy a component sub. Shoppers are told by sellers that for top bass they just must have the largest and baddest sub in the marketplace.

The solution to this issue lies in an item which has been available for several years, the Bazooka Tube Subwoofer delivers good sounding bass, particularly in compact and smaller cars and trucks. These tube subwoofers are self contained inside an enclosure which is just like a big tube, and so the name "tube subwoofers". They give a good option to the big component subs for most car owners. They demand a reduced amount of area, can fit behind a seat or on a rack in a small trunk and the nicest thing is they feature an amplifier integraded inside the tube itself. I should add that these types of tubes also come with no amp for people seeking to add mulitple tubes however the best package for this particular situation are the tubes which include an amplifier. They will usually take up 1/4 of the area typically of your component bass speaker system. So Bazooka tubes are an outstanding selection for someone concerned about room in their automobile.

The issue of installation is likewise solved in most cases. If you can actually tap into a 12-volt power line and into your speaker wiring from the source unit you'll be able to put in a Bazooka Tube Subwoofer. Installation is actually quite easy in virtually all applications. Lastly, the price tag on an amplified Bazooka tube will be much less expensive then that of a component subwoofer system coming from any main brand.

So when you have a smaller car or one where you must make use of your cargo space for utility reasons, if you are not completely at ease with working on 12-volt electrical systems and you simply must save lots of money, you need to take a look at Bazooka Tube Subwoofer. While they are considerably smaller then component sub systems, their sound quality is excellent



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