Car Audio Speakers

  For more years then I can remember, I've been involved in car audio. Even though the automobile manufacturers have significantly enhanced their stock sound in recent years, they still cannot reach the high quality supplied by after market car audio equipment. Over the years, one topic which is constantly talked about is what are the best car audio speakers on the market. Honestly speaking, it is obvious that the reply is purely subjective and according to one's relationship with a specific car speaker company.

In the real world it would be very rare if a salesman ever endorsed something other then the line he personally sells as the best car audio speakers. Although salesmen might come in contact with numerous brand names, their motive for recommending any particular car speaker must be suspect since their sale is his source of earnings. That is why it is nice to report the findings of an unofficial survey determined by years of feedback and suggestions from actual users of various brands of car audio speakers. This appeals to most as one of the best means of judging performance of any speaker in the real world environment of car audio. We hear a lot of times of a buyer who loved the speakers inside the show room and then became weary of them after they were installed in his vehicle. Our survey results reflect the feelings of owners after daily us over periods of months as well as years.

Our survey has presented Alpine speakers to be among the most well liked car speakers on the market. Those speakers are favorites among serious car audio fans as well as those new to the hobby of car audio. To be judged best car speakers, the speakers considered must be capable of creating good sound quality when played at all power levels. Often certain brands of car speakers will tend to lose decent sound quality when played at higher levels. This obviously would disqualify them from being judged among the best. Additionally, it is good to make use of a consumer survey because obviously this would reflect a speaker's use when powered by a standard receiver and also with various power amplifiers used in a number of vehicles.

In addition to full range speakers, we are invariably asked about the best car audio subwoofers available. A subwoofer is a larger speaker intended just to reproduce those deep bass frequencies which add so much towards the richness and enjoyment of nearly any kind of music. The universal winner as best subwoofers has been the Kicker subwoofer for several years now. Although car speakers are commonly installed in factory locations, adding a subwoofer takes a bit more work. The car audio subwoofer requires a subwoofer enclosure matched for the specific sub. The installer just has to consider available space before deciding upon which size subwoofer is the best.

But the good thing about improving your car's sound system is the fact that most of us spend more hours each day in our car or truck then we do in our homes. So upgrading the vehicle's sound system with the best car audio speakers readily available just makes good sense.