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 Matching a Sub to the Appropriate Sub Enclosure

Basically, the subwoofer box provides the needed back pressure from its air volume that allows any speaker to perform how the manufacturer engineered it. The speaker enclosure should be matched up to the specs of the sub woofer. You'll always get the manufacturer's references enclosed with almost any brand-new subwoofer. If you purchase a used sub, it is easy to get the necessary information over the internet.

The subwoofer box provides a enormous effect on the standard of sound you are going to receive through your speaker. However, the fact is that often times the buyer will try to sacrifice quality by either building his own box or buying the most inexpensive box available without thinking about the precise needs of the sub woofer. If you really want to enjoy your pricey sub, make sure you pick out a good quality factory built subwoofer box.

Generally speaking, despite the fact that there are certain individual varieties of speaker boxes, there's 2 groups to choose from. The common box, which can be a sealed enclosure or ported or of the bandpass configuration. A majority of these shall be typical retangular boxes and amongst the most common are definitely the 10" subwoofer enclosure and also the 12" subwoofer enclosure. How large the box is dependant upon the air volume requirements of the sub. Usually they are made out of wood or MDF. Whereas these will usually tend to be the cheaper boxes, they're going to have to have a reasonably big space for installation. So the real question is simply how much room are you actually planning to devote to your audio system?

I believe, your best option when ever offered is a <<custom subwoofer enclosure>>. This sort of subwoofer box is frequently molded in fiberglass or composite materials. They are available for the most popular vehicles in the marketplace from brands like Bassforms, MTX Thunderforms and JL Audio Stealthboxes. They are labeled "custom" because they are created to fit into out-of-the-way areas like underneath rear seats or along the side areas of car trunks or SUV's. They are going to a little bit more expensive then conventional boxes nevertheless the fact that they will use useless space and in addition make excellent sound means they are the best choice for most people. Beyond just the molded custom boxes, companies like RT, Obcon, and Atrend offer comparable custom-fit speaker boxes of MDF in lot of styles and are lower priced.

You will find that quite a few custom fit subwoofer boxes also provide the benefit of integrating an amp and even a matched sub woofer installed. These are actually supplied by MTX and JL Audio although being more expensive then empty boxes you should take into account you do not have to pay for and mount a independent amp. Needless to say if your power amp is integrated into the enclosure, you save space which in addition makes for a simpler installation.

Therefore no matter what kind subwoofer box you finally choose, be sure you spend some time doing your homework prior to buying. If you do so, you will definitely benefit by experiencing the bass sound you envisioned from your sub.


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