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Finding the Best Subwoofer Enclosure for Your Vehicle

In general, even though there are various individual forms of loudspeaker boxes, there's two categories take into account. The typical box, which may be a sealed box or ported, vented or of the bandpass configuration. The dimensions of the sub box shall be based on the air volume needs of the loudspeaker. They usually are constructed of wood or MDF. Whereas these will have a tendency to be the lowest priced boxes, they will require a comparatively big area for installation. So the question for you is how much room are you willing to devote to your sound system?

Many car owners considering adding a modern bass sub woofer to their car stereo system have no idea of the significance the sub box performs. They may blow their budget on an pricy bass speaker or subwoofer and don't put any work in finding the most suitable or best subwoofer enclosure for their specific vehicle. I know this is true since I have handled unsatisfied shoppers who have contacted me after buying an incorrect box for their subwoofer.

Simply said, the best subwoofer enclosure provides the necessary back pressure from the air volume which allows any loudspeaker to operate the way in which the manufacturer designed it. The sub box really needs to be matched up to the specs of the sub woofer. You will always get the manufacturer's suggestions provided with almost any brand-new speaker. If you buy a used sub, you can always get the right information via the internet.

The best subwoofer enclosure has a huge effect on the standard of sound you can get from your loudspeaker. However, the fact is that frequently the buyer will try to skimp by possibly making his own enclosure or buying the most inexpensive thing in the marketplace while not considering the unique requirements of the sub woofer. If you want to take advantage of your pricey sub, you'll want to go for a good quality factory produced sub box.

Many people feel, the best option anytime obtainable is actually a <<custom subwoofer enclosure>>. This sort of loudspeaker enclosure is normally molded in fiberglass or composite materials. They are available for the widely used cars or trucks in the marketplace from brands like Bassforms, MTX Thunderforms and JL Audio Stealthboxes. They're labeled "custom" because they are built to fit into out-of-the-way locations like beneath back truck seats or along the side areas of car trunks or SUV's. They'll be a little bit more expensive then conventional boxes nevertheless the advantage that they'll use useless space and also create excellent sound makes them the best option for most. Besides the molded custom boxes, companies like RT, Obcon, and Atrend make comparable custom-fit subwoofer boxes of MDF in numerous configurations and are lower priced.

You will find that certain <<custom sub boxes>> offer the advantage of integrating an amp and also a matched sub woofer installed. These have been provided by MTX and JL Audio although being more costly then empty boxes you will want to take into account you won't have to buy and install a independent amp. Certainly if your power amp is built-into the enclosure, you conserve space which additionally makes for an easier installation.

Therefore it doesn't matter what type speaker box you choose, make sure you spend some time doing your homework prior to buying. If you do so, you're going to profit by experiencing the bass you envisioned out of your sub woofer.


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